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We offer highly skilled texture matching services in Brandon, FL. The possibilities are endless when it comes to texture patterns, and no two textures are alike. We specialize in hand textures, spray textures, and custom texture patterns.  Combining a huge selection of techniques, from sponges, to brushes, to texture spray rigs, we will do whatever it takes to create your dream. We can even help you decide which textures will compliment the best parts of your home, such as the back splash in your kitchen, or custom made tiles in your bathroom. We offer impeccable attention to detail, to provide you with closest texture match possible. We pay special attention to details such as which direction the texture was originally applied, which exact brush was originally used, so that we can replicate your unique texture precisely. No matter what kind of damage occurs, or what repairs have to be made, it is possible to make them disappear with a good drywall repair, and the right texture match. We are perfectionists when it comes to matching the texture in your home. With over 14 years of experience in matching dozens of different textures, we truly can match any texture to a “T”. Don’t let anyone tell you that your texture is impossible to match. Call us; we’ll match it to near perfection.

To see more texture matching services that we offer, please visit out gallery page.

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